150 Running Songs Above 150 BPM

Average runners generally take 150 to 170 strides per minute.

Songs that replicate this pace–between 150 to 170 BPM–are scarce on the Top 40. They’re definitely out there–on soundtracks, in commercials, on college radio, and so on. They just require a little more time to find.

To better serve runners, I’ve been working on two projects that’ll make these tracks easier to access:

#1. The Top 150 Songs Above 150 BPM – I went back through the site and put together a list of the most popular, fast songs–according to the votes accumulated here.

#2. New Songs Above 170 BPM – I’m also expanding the site’s database to include music for folks who run faster than average (and want songs that match their pace) and folks who run within the average range (and want to challenge themselves).

To help fund these projects, I’ve paired them with an eclectic, new compilation that–like the list and database above–focuses on fast songs from beyond the Top 40.

The Running Tracks set costs $15 and includes an album you can download for your run straightaway, the 150 song list from which you can add proven tracks when you need them, and access to the private, expanded version of the site’s music database–where I’ll be adding the fastest songs I come across.

In short, I’ve tried to put together a package that would provide both immediate and ongoing benefits in folks’ runs. I’m grateful to have had a lot of data to guide me along. At the same time, I want to leave room for personal tastes, different experiences, and the like. So, if you take a chance on the set–and it doesn’t complement your routine–I’ll send you a full refund. (Your email receipt will include my contact info–in case you have questions, feedback, etc.)

To find fast songs faster, you can get the Running Tracks compilation album, top song list, and expanded music database access here.