32 Cover Songs for Working Out

While scouting for new music, most of the cover songs I find feature one person and an acoustic guitar.

They exist in abundance because they’re easy to make. But, they don’t usually make you want to exercise.

Uptempo covers are harder to find. So, I’ve put together a set pairing James, Wind & Fire’s album Two Princes–which features 12 raucous, a capella covers–with 20 additional covers from a variety of genres.

In total, the bundle includes 32 re-imagined tracks for $10.

For what it’s worth, my favorite parts of this set are the most adventurous–the passages where the source material has been reinvented entirely. Moreover, I think revisiting familiar songs in new contexts will keep you both interested and motivated during your workouts.

Nevertheless, if you take a chance on the set–and find it’s not up your alley–I’ll issue a refund. (When you place an order, you’ll get an email receipt straightaway, which includes my contact info. So, I’m easy to reach.)

If interested, you can download the 32 song set here.