36 Workout Songs You Won’t Hear on the Radio

While most workout albums are devoted to dance music, there are times when you’ll want something more eclectic to keep you moving.

To that end, I worked with a dozen indie bands and DJs to make Run Hundred Mix One–which sounds less like a traditional workout album and more like a mixtape you might make for a friend.

The album sells for $15, and here are four reasons to take a chance on it:

#1. Individual Songs & A Mix – There are 12 tracks on the album, and the 13th track is a 30 minute mix–where each song blends into the next seamlessly.

#2. Digital Downloads – You can download the album from anywhere in the world and listen to it on any device that plays music–phones, mp3 players, tablets, computers, etc.

#3. Two Bonus Workout Albums – In spite of its name, Mix One is the third release from Run Hundred. I compiled two other workout albums beforehand–each with 12 songs and a mix–to test the waters. You’ll get a free copies of both with your order.

#4. A Guarantee – Given the variety and quantity of music in this set, there should be plenty to liven up your workout. But, if you give it a spin and aren’t moved–drop me a line, and I’ll send you a refund. (Your email receipt will list my contact info, so I’m easy to reach.)

In short, it’s $15 for 36 songs from a variety of genres and 90 minutes of continuous, workout mixes.

If this sounds like it might be up your alley, you can pick up Run Hundred Mix One & 2 bonus workout albums here.

Thanks either way!