Run HundredDetermining the top workout songs of a certain era can take ages–even though the process itself is fairly straightforward.

In this case, I considered roughly 1200 singles from the ’80s. After eliminating the ballads and slower tracks, the remainder were posted to Run Hundred for folks to rate.

Given the volume of material, it took almost seven years to collect enough data to separate the very good from the truly great.

With the results now tallied, I’ve compiled a $10 set featuring an overview of the top 100 songs–along with 20 remixes from the same era.

The top song list should give you plenty of tracks to consider at your convenience. To that end, it should prove helpful when you need proven material to round out your workout playlists.

At the same time, the 20 remixes–which can be downloaded at no extra charge–should make for simple way to put the tunes to use straightaway.

In short, I’ve tried to balance a list of vintage hits with remixes that provide new perspectives on some of the most popular selections. I’m hoping this combination makes for a mix of immediate and sustained inspiration. Moreover, if you find that’s not the case, let me know–and I’ll issue a refund. (Your email receipt will include my contact info–in case you want to get in touch.)

To put a decade’s worth of hits and remixes to work in your routine, you can pick up the ’80s Workout Music set here.

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