Run Hundred Tracks 2When calculating the votes placed on the site–to determine the top 100 workout songs of the ’90s–a number of surprises turned up.

This is generally a function of the list’s size.

For example, if you asked 10 people to name 10 artists and bands from the ’90s, there would a good measure of overlap because there are a handful of acts that loom largely in our collective memories.

But, if those same 10 folks had to think of 100 artists, the resulting lists would begin diverging–as they move away from the superstars that spring immediately to mind toward each person’s individual memories.

Anyway, that’s why I favor a long list when trying to survey a whole decade–it provides enough space to cover all the big hits and variety of peripheral gems.

To flesh things out a bit more, I’ve paired the list with 20 downloadable remixes–which take material from the same era and presents it in a new light.

If interested, you can pick up the ’90s Workout Music set–including the 100 song list and 20 remix downloads–for $10 below.

The list’s balance of popular and wildcard tracks should give you plenty of ideas to consider over time. And, the remixes deliver a variety of highlights that you can put to use in your routine straightaway.

In all, I’m hoping the set provides thrills on a few different levels–perennial classics and forgotten gems, old favorites in new contexts, things to try now and things to which you can look forward later. Moreover, if that combination fails to move you, let me know, and I’ll issue a refund. (My contact info is included with every order, so I’m easy to reach.)

To revisit the past from a few different angles, you can download the ’90s Workout Music set here.

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