15 New Tunes & 20 Cover Songs for Working Out

While scouting material for a new compilation–Run Hundred Tracks–I came across a variety cover songs.

With an emphasis on new songs, I started setting the remakes aside. But, in time, it became clear that there was enough material for two albums–one of originals and one of covers.

The advantage of the former bunch is straightforward: new songs keep your workout playlist sounding fresh.

At the same time, the latter tracks balance freshness with familiarity by presenting old favorites in a new way.

So, to keep the focus of the series intact, Run Hundred Tracks picks up where the previous release left off–collecting 15 of the best, new songs for a workout.

And, to change things up a bit, each copy will include bonus downloads of the 20 liveliest and most inventive covers discovered along the way.

With 35 total tracks from a variety of genres, there should be plenty to keep you motivated and engaged in your workout. Moreover, if you give it a shot–and it doesn’t move you–I’ll send a full refund. (My contact info will appear in your email receipt in case you ever want to touch base.)

To refresh and reimagine your routine, you can download Run Hundred Tracks and 20 bonus cover songs here.