Every Great Workout Song Ever

Over the years, I’ve added thousands of songs to the site and folks have logged hundreds of thousands of votes for (and against) each of them.

Taken together, these songs and votes provide a fairly comprehensive list of the best workout music released since 1960.

To give each tune its due, I’ve put together a new subscription that highlights the top 10 tracks from each year–in chronological order.

So, when you sign up, you’ll get a list of the top 10 songs from 1960 immediately via email. The next day, you’ll get the top 10 songs of 1961. And, you’ll get another list, from another year, each day until you reach the present.

Here are five ways you can use this information in your workout:

#1. The Ultimate Playlist: Rather than stumbling upon workout music by chance, this newsletter would bring you every single noteworthy track from the last few decades automatically.

#2. Music History: By reviewing these songs in order, you’ll be able to hear different genres and trends come and go. Even as an active music listener, I gained a much better appreciation for these songs by hearing them in context.

#3. Your Life in Song: If you were born in 1960 or after, you’ll hit a point in the series where it will begin chronicling the music released during your lifetime. Hearing a handful of songs from your past together can have a stirring effect, as it’s almost impossible not to think about where you were during that span.

#4. Connections Everywhere: After compiling these songs, I regularly find myself mentioning new finds to friends, old finds to my parents, and curious finds to strangers at weddings, parties–anywhere there’s ice to break. To that end, the lists create numerous opportunities to connect with other people.

#5. The World in a Nutshell: Over the course of the series, there’s plenty of food for thought, as folks carry on about beach romances, restless wandering, and true friends. To that end, there’s something of an education to be had, as you can’t help but notice how many of the themes, challenges, and solutions remain constant–even as times change.

On the whole, the set represents over 50 years’ worth of big beats, huge hooks, questionable choices, and good advice–condensed into a series of 10 track playlists. If you’re interested, it’s $10 to sign up. And, that covers everything–every top 10 list, from every year, from 1960 onward.

The music covers a lot of ground, and it should help you do the same in your workout. Moreover, I’ve tried to mention some of the ways that hearing these songs together has been fruitful in my own experience. Having said that, if you sign up–and you don’t find the series interesting, challenging, and fun–drop me a line, and I’ll give you a full refund. (Your email receipt will include my contact information–in case you have questions, feedback, etc.)

If you want to get started, you can check out each year’s best workout songs here.