When I was a kid, a friend of mine had a treadmill in his basement.

It had a pre-programmed set of interval workouts–where the incline and speed would change over time. And, we were always monkeying around on it, trying to find the hardest possible combinations, then daring each other to try them.

I’ve seen similar programs as an adult–in more sophisticated forms–usually represented by bar graphs that indicate how the intensity changes over time.

For example, you might have a interval workout that goes steadily up, then steadily down:

Run Hundred Tracks 2

Alternatively, the program may bounce back and forth between two levels:

Run Hundred Tracks 2

The allure of these workouts is that they push you into challenging territory gradually. Obviously, the treadmill does this by speeding up the moving belt. But, you could achieve the same effect using a workout mix that changes tempo.

To that end, I started work on a collection of mixes that would replicate the pre-programmed interval workouts I loved as a kid. The finished set–Run Hundred Intervals–uses a single, basic mix as the starting point. From there, it’s re-worked into 10 separate interval combinations–each lasting 30 minutes.

In short, the plan was to take the fun and challenge of a pre-programmed workout and make it mobile. So, if you don’t own a treadmill, you can still benefit from one of the key features. And, if you do own a treadmill, you can take the interval routine you’d ordinarily do inside, and move it outdoors for a change of pace.

To be clear, interval workouts have been around for ages–with and without treadmills. So, I’m not trying to create something new here. I’m just hoping to make it a little more simple and a little more fun. Moreover, if you check out the set–and it fails to deliver on either of those two points–let me know. I’ll send you a full refund. (As always, my contact info will appear on your receipt, if you want to touch base.)

For a series of workout challenges–in portable form–you can download the Run Hundred Intervals 10 mix set here.


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