The Earbuds Someone Should Have Invented Years Ago

When looking for earbuds, here are some of most common phrases for which people search:

*earbuds that last
*earbuds that don’t fall out
*comfortable earbuds
*earbuds that sound good

What’s interesting–and troubling–is how few people are looking for earbuds that will protect their hearing. The challenges and opportunities on this front are pretty straightforward:

*Hearing loss is the third most common physical ailment in life (after arthritis and heart disease)
*Once the damage is done, it can’t be reversed
*Half of all cases can be prevented–by limiting exposure to loud noise

Headphones and earbuds are a particular cause for concern here for two main reasons:

*Permanent hearing loss begins when you’re exposed to sound around 85 decibels (dB)
*The average volume produced by earbuds is 110 dB

Plugfones makes a $29 pair of earbuds within earplugs that are worth checking out as they address most of the usual concerns above–while also looking after your ears as well.

The earplug section comes in two different versions–foam and silicone–which you can see in the photo. Both are included, so you can you use whichever you prefer and swap them out as needed. More importantly, they block 25 dB of sound, so that you can hear your music clearly at lower, safer volumes. Effectively, they let you turn down the world around you–instead of having to turn up your music.

While I was impressed by the earplugs’ effectiveness, I was most surprised by the earbuds’ sound. Put simply, I’ve owned at least a dozen headphones and earbuds over the years and never heard music reproduced so intimately.
Going back to folks’ original concerns, Plugfones address almost every one:

*They block outside noise
*They were designed for daily wear and built with the durability that requires
*The snugness of the earplug portion also keeps them from falling out when you move
*The foam and silicone covers let you pick whichever is more comfortable
*The sound quality is striking

More importantly, they will help you protect your ears.

In short, they offer an easy way to make your music sound better right now, while preserving your hearing for the future.

If either of those are priorities, you can pick up a pair of Plugfones with free worldwide shipping here.

Lastly, when I first mentioned these on the site, I was happily surprised by the number of folks who ordered an extra pair for someone else. To encourage this kind of sharing, I’m giving away $30 in music bonuses and surplus inventory to everyone who picks up a second set.

So, if you want an extra set to share, you can pick up two pairs with free worldwide shipping–and get $30 in bonus items–here.


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