The Top 12 Workout Mixes

If you’re interested in workout mixes–to go with the individual songs–you might check out Run Hundred Plus. Here’s how it works:

*Run Hundred Plus is a separate subscription that costs $12 and includes 12 workout mixes.

*Subscribers get the first mix when they sign up and a new one, every week, for the next 11 weeks.

*Each mix runs 30-60 minutes and can be downloaded at no extra cost.

*Everything comes from legal sources–not pirate sites.

Here are a few samples. Unlike the picture above, these buttons do work. Just press one of the triangles to preview a mix:

Basically, the Internet is littered with mixes like the ones above. They’re released to promote clubs, events, DJs, and the like. If you have the time and inclination, you can track down your own. But, here are three reasons you might pick up a mix subscription instead:

#1. In addition to DJing and running this site, I write about workout music for Shape and The Huffington Post. This is not to say that my taste in music is exceptional. But, between DJ gigs, this site, and columns elsewhere–I end up reviewing a ton of new mixes every week–which makes it easier to find a few great ones.

#2. It’s $1 per mix. I’ve had some folks ask about auto-renewals, weekly fees, download charges and so on–but there are none. The series is simply $12. It’s billed one time, and that covers all 12 weeks, all the mixes–everything.

#3. If you don’t like the music, I’ll refund your money. I’ve tried to keep the mix series lively and interesting. But, I know there will be folks for whom it’s not a good fit. If that turns out to be you, drop me a line–and I’ll give you a full refund. (Your email receipt will include my contact information. So, I’m easy to reach.)

To recap, there are heaps of mixes floating around. I’d like to send you 12 of the best ones I’ve heard. And, if you’re not bowled over, I’ll give your loot back.

That’s about it. If you want to get started with the first mix, click here.