Workout Mixes

When looking for a workout mix, there are a number of options to consider. Here are four of the most common questions on the subject:

#1. Do the songs blend into each other or is there a gap between each one?

#2. Can you skip songs within the mix or is it one, long track?

#3. Are the songs performed by the original artists or were they re-recorded by studio singers?

#4. Does it include a variety of music or is it one genre the whole time?

Retailers don’t generally organize their albums according to the criteria above. At the same time, these questions come up regularly. So, if you read through the customer reviews–particularly on Amazon–you’ll often find folks who’ve touched on some or all of the points above.

Also, because they surface so frequently, I’ve tried to address the aforementioned questions within Run Hundred’s album series. For example, on the latest release–Mix Two–each track is featured two ways: individually and mixed seamlessly. To that end, you can play tracks one at a time (and skip around) or listen to them blended together (in a continuous mix). Plus, all of the songs are performed by the original artists and span a range of different genres.

Whether you’re searching for workout mixes on this site or elsewhere, the questions above might help you narrow down your options. And, if you’re looking for something in the near term, you might consider Run Hundred Mix Two in particular–as it represents an attempt to take the most frequently requested features and put them into a single $10 album.

For what it’s worth, the finished mix represents months of work by dozens of people, and I think you’ll be able to feel that pay off in your workout. However, if that’s not the case in your routine, just let me know, and I’ll issue a refund. (My contact will appear on your email receipt–in case you want to touch base.)

In the end, the aim of this album was simple: to give folks everything they want in a workout mix.

To judge the results for yourself, you can download Run Hundred Mix Two–all 12 individual tracks and the continuous mix–here.