60 Workout Songs That Are 60 Seconds Long

Run Hundred Tracks 2In college, my roommate owned a CD on which the band recorded musical verses, choruses, and bridges as individual tracks.

As I understood it, the band intended folks to play the album on shuffle mode. By listening to these parts in a random order, the individual components would fashion a new set of songs each time you fired up the album.

Years later, I was thinking this basic idea could be applied to workout mixes as well. The resulting album–Run Hundred Infinite–can be summed up in three sentences:

*The album features 60 tracks–which are each 60 seconds long.
*Each track was recorded at 160 BPM–making them ideal for running and cardio routines.
*Since the tempo is consistent throughout, you can play the album on shuffle–creating a new, seamless mix with each listen.

The word “novelty” is often used with a negative connotation. And, certainly when something is new for newness’ sake, that connotation may be earned. But, in the scope of a workout, novelty is also practical–as new tunes make it easier to sustain a routine over time.

In that regard, this project has a novel element. But, I think it works in the album’s favor–as a dynamic mix should feel fresh and lively longer than a static one.

Moreover, if you find that’s not the case in your particular workout, let me know. Even the best albums aren’t necessarily the best fit for every single person who hears them. So, if this isn’t your speed–literally or figuratively–I’m happy to issue a refund. (Your email receipt will include my contact information–in case you want to drop a line.)

For a workout mix that changes with each listen, you can download Run Hundred Infinite here.