A Somewhat Embarrassing Zoom Backdrop

OfficeCutting to the chase, this is a picture of the office wall behind me as I typed this post.

As Run Hundred’s grown in popularity, I’ve found myself involved with more projects, more artists, and–as a result–more incoming boxes of workout gear, CDs, and so on.

I already had a couple spaces devoted to storage, but–when those filled up–I started stacking boxes against the wall behind me.

Because the stack is visible on Zoom calls (and because the stack is nearly touching the ceiling), friends and family have started asking about it–some with concerns that the boxes will topple over onto me while I work and others with concerns that I’m stealing plastic tubs from the post office.

For what its worth, I didn’t steal the tubs in the photo above. When my postal carrier picks up each day’s shipments, she drops off empty tubs, so I can fill them up with the next day’s shipments.

(I don’t know if that’s interesting or not, but I can’t count the number of times folks have seen the stack of empty USPS tubs in my office and asked if I stole them–as if there was a huge market for plastic tubs with the USPS logo on them. So, now I feel like I have to explain how they end up in my office.)

Anyway, I’m not really worried about the appearance of my office–as the boxes have become a running joke with the folks in my life. And, I don’t necessarily mind the fact that I can’t see the wall behind me–though that does seem like an odd thing to accept now that I’m typing it.

However, I got a particularly large number of boxes the other day. After everything was unloaded, my dog wandered into the office for a visit and literally couldn’t get across the room because boxes were blocking every possible route from the door to my desk. So, he was just looking at me and looking at the boxes and looking confused.

And, this finally prompted me to take action–in a way that my friends’ jokes and the absence of visible walls had failed to do.

In other cases where I’ve had too much merchandise on-hand, I’ve tried to create giveaways by pairing products that have similar appeals. But, in this case, there quantities and array of products are both too numerous.

Instead, I’m putting together variety packs with $30 worth of merch and just giving them away when folks purchase a $15 gift card.

With luck, this will help me clear out a bunch of inventory–in a way that rewards the site’s most active users.

On the logistical front, I’ll provide free shipping anywhere within the U.S. (If you’re ordering from abroad, I’m happy to ship overseas as well. But, you’ll have to cover the difference in postage.)

UPDATE: This was always intended to be a limited time offer. And, now that my office has become navigable again, I’ll be winding it down on Monday.

So, if you’re likely to need some workout music or gear eventually, you can pick up a $15 gift card now–and get $30 in bonus goods–with free U.S. shipping.