A Surplus of Shirts

ShirtsI get a fair amount of promotional items from bands and record labels to give away on the site: stickers, shirts, and so on.

I’d like to clear out a bunch of the shirts that I’ve received in the last few months.

My original plan was to say, “I’ve got 20 shirts on hand, and I’m giving them out free with the next 20 orders that come in.”

And, while this works with stickers (since I can just throw those in packages as they go out), it’s harder with shirts (since folks need specific sizes).

So, to simplify everything, I’m just giving away random shirts–organized by size–to everyone who buys a $15 gift card.

For my part, it’s easier to list the all sizes in stock on a single page like this than to add shirts and size options to each individual product page in the Run Hundred shop. And, for interested folks, it means you don’t have to race through the site looking for something to buy before your size sells out.

This way, you can get the shirt now, and use the gift card at your leisure–when the site happens to feature something up your alley.

In short, I’m hoping to clear out some of the excess band shirts–while rewarding the site’s most active users. And, this seemed like a way to do both.

Lastly, on the logistical front, I’ll provide free shipping anywhere within the U.S. (So, if you’re ordering from abroad, the shirts are still free with the purchase of a $15 gift card–but you’d have to cover the shipping.)

So, if you’re likely to pick up some workout music at some point–and want a free shirt from a random band in the meantime–here are the sizes I have available:

*Size XS Unisex Band Shirt & A $15 Gift Card – Sold Out

*Size S Unisex Band Shirt & A $15 Gift Card

*Size M Unisex Band Shirt & A $15 Gift Card

*Size L Unisex Band Shirt & A $15 Gift Card

*Size XL Unisex Band Shirt & A $15 Gift Card – Sold Out

*Size XXL Unisex Band Shirt & A $15 Gift Card – Sold Out