The 100 Best Workout Remixes

RemixesWhen you’re putting together a workout playlist, success often hinges on a single element: the balance between familiar and fresh songs.

If you have too many old tracks, their appeal may have diminished with repeated listening–making it harder to stay motivated.

And, if you have too many new tracks, their charms might not be apparent yet–even when they complement your routine perfectly.

Finding the sweet spot isn’t complicated, but it does require a bit of commitment. Namely, you’ve got to add new contenders into your mix regularly–while removing old standbys.

In this regard, remixes prove handy because they cast songs you already know and like in a new light–thereby combining reliability and novelty in a single track. Moreover, most remixes are engineered with a club audience in mind. To that end, you’ll generally find they aren’t just different takes on the original versions–but faster, more kinetic, and designed to make folks move.

Given that they provide such a simple, reliable way to improve a playlist, I’ve gone back through the votes placed on the site and compiled Run Hundred Remixes–a $10 set including a list of the 100 best remixes for working out and 20 bonus remixes that you can download at no additional charge.

If you’re starting from scratch–or fortifying an existing playlist–the bonus remixes provide over an hour of music you can put to use straightaway. Plus, when you need more motivation, you can draw from the site’s 100 most popular picks as needed.

Put simply, remixes provide a shortcut to a great playlist–by combining freshness and familiarity in one. And, this set provides a shortcut to the best remixes.

Given the volume of feedback that shaped this set, the resulting tracks should prove to be worthy additions to your playlist. Nevertheless, if you find they’re not a great fit, let me know–and I’ll issue a refund. (My contact info accompanies each order, in case you need to touch base.)

To see which remixes came out on top–then put them to work in your routine–you can download Run Hundred Remixes here.

Thanks again!