The Top 100 Workout Songs Right Now

Top Workout Songs NowPart of the reason I started building Run Hundred’s workout music database is because I was frustrated that most of the playlists I could find were short and broad.

Specifically, it felt like a lot of variations on the same basic idea:

“The Top 10 Workout Songs of All Time.”

And, while there’s nothing wrong with this idea, the resulting lists tend to hone in on the same handful of songs–which doesn’t make for much in the way of surprise.

To that, I wanted to build a tool that would let myself and others pin down more songs with more specificity:

100 Rap Songs for Working Out
150 Running Songs Above 150 BPM
60 Workout Songs that Are 60 Seconds Long

In compiling lists like the ones above, the smallest span on which I usually focus is a decade. But, to mix things up a little, I’ve put together a $10 set devoted to just the current moment.

The set includes a list of the 100 most popular workout songs right now–including the artist, tempo, and a sample of each–so you can assess your options quickly. Plus, it comes paired with 20 remixes–that approach the list’s highlights from new angles and can be downloaded at no additional charge.

If you already have a workout routine with which you’re happy, the list and remixes should provide a range of tracks you can use to top off and freshen up your current playlists. And, if you’re just getting into groove of a new routine, the set provides a comprehensive overview of what’s moving folks right now.

In this regard, I think the collected set will complement most routines. And, if you find that yours is an exception, drop me a line, and I’ll issue a refund. (My contact info accompanies every order, so you can reach me directly with any questions or feedback.)

So, if you’re looking for a quick way to survey everything that’s great in workout music at the moment, you can pick up The Best Workout Music Right Now–with its 100 song list and 20 downloadable remixes–here.