The Top 12 Workout Music Mixes

While Run Hundred’s main database is devoted to workout songs, there’s been growing demand for workout mixes featuring the site’s most popular songs. So, if that’s something in which you’re interested, here’s an option you might consider:

*Run Hundred Mixes is a $12 set–featuring the top 12 workout mixes on the site.

*You’ll get the first mix when you sign up and another one, every Monday, for the next 11 weeks.

*Each mix runs 30-60 minutes and can be downloaded at no extra cost.

*In contrast to the rest of the site–which covers music of all sorts–the mix series focuses just on recent hits. (So, if you took all the songs currently in the Top 40, removed the slow songs, and blended the remaining upbeat songs into a continuous mix–this series would be the result.)

For what it’s worth, the Internet is littered with mixes. If you have the time and inclination, you can track down your own. But, here are three reasons you might opt for this set instead:

#1. In addition to DJing and running this site, I write about workout music for Shape and The Huffington Post. And, between DJ gigs, this site, and columns elsewhere–I end up reviewing a ton of new material every week–which helps me know what’s moving folks right now.

#2. There are no auto-renewals, weekly fees, download charges, or anything else to keep in mind. The series is simply $12. It’s billed one time. And, that covers all 12 weeks, all the mixes–everything.

#3. If you don’t like the music, I’ll refund your money. In my own experience, it’s tough to know if a mix will move me until I’m actually using it in a workout. So, if you test these out in your routine–and find they’re not a good fit–drop me a line. And, I’ll issue a full refund. (Your email receipt will include my contact information–in case you ever want to touch base.)

That’s about it. If interested, you can sign up for Run Hundred Mixes and download the first mix here.