The 100 Best Workout Songs Ever

Best Workout SongsI know the Run Hundred logo is boring.

I had a good feeling about the name at the outset. Namely, I wanted to built a site that organized workout music by tempo. And, “Run Hundred” makes allusions to both exercise and numbers.

Plus, I like the repetition of the “un” in “Run” and “Hundred.” And, to play this up, I made a logo that accentuated the “un” by flipping the second one upside down–like it was a mirror image of the first.

In retrospect, this looks like the graphic design equivalent of the phase in college when I used to wear eyeliner.

Best Workout MusicIn both cases, I was hoping to create an effect that looked like a heightened version of reality. And, in both cases, I ended up with something that looked vaguely sinister.

Basically, I wanted a design that would say, “Look at these “uns” and remember the name Run Hundred.” And, instead, I ended up with a design that says, “I write reviews of horror movies, and this is where I post them.”

So, having learned my limits, I replaced the logo with plain text and moved on.

Phonetics and aesthetics aside, I also liked the phrase “Run Hundred” because I imagined that if the site had enough songs and feedback, I could compile a list of the top 100 workout songs of all time.

And, I would call the list “The Run Hundred.”

Over a decade after I started work on the site, I finally had enough data to compile that list I first had in mind. But, by that point, it was clear that this name–The Run Hundred–was as unnecessarily complicated as that original logo.

After all, if it’s a list of the best workout songs ever, it should suffice to call it just that.

With that in mind, I wanted to share a new set devoted to (and named) The Best Workout Songs Ever. It sells for $10 and includes a list of the top 100 tracks–based on folks’ collective feedback over the years–along with 20 remixes that you can download with no additional charge.

While the list should provide a wealth of ideas to consider over time, the remixes will provide a fresh look at some of the highlights and a way to put them to work in your routine straightaway.

I think the appeal will be immediate, and I hope the impact in your routine will be enduring. And, if the set fails you on either front, let me know, and I’ll issue a refund. (My contact info accompanies each order, so you can write me directly anytime.)

So, if you’re curious to see which 100 songs and 20 remixes made the cut–you can pick up the Best Workout Songs Ever set here.