50 Workout Songs That Match Your Pace Exactly

BPMsFinding songs that complement your workout should be relatively easy–as there are really only two steps involved:

#1. Find the beats-per-minute (BPM) of your workout.
#2. Find songs that employ this same BPM.

To simplify things further, I’ve put together a $10 set that’ll walk you through both steps. Here’s how it works:

First, you’ll receive a download of Run Hundred BPMs–a workout mix that displays your tempo as you exercise.

Then, once you’ve found your preferred tempo, I’ll follow up with a list of 50 songs at that exact speed.

Practically speaking, a playlist with a fixed pace will help keep you moving steadily along–even later in your routine when you might be tempted to slack off.

And, personally speaking, it’s nice to feel in sync with a song--as it often makes me feel like I’ve slipped out of the chaos of life into a moment of perfect harmony.

To that end, a playlist that matches your routine can have the delightful effect of putting your body to work while giving your mind a break.

So, if you like the idea of moving to the beat of your music, this set should feel immediately rewarding. And, if it’s not, I’ll refund your money. (My contact info accompanies every order, so you can drop a line any time.)

To find the tempo and music that complement your workout perfectly, you can download Run Hundred BPMs and get a matching 50 song playlist here.